CPCUserClub participated 1st Amstrad ASCII Compo

I’m Volkan Atasever aka DoctorCPC. I participated 1st Amstrad ASCII Compo. I participated with 7 entries. Its voting time until 10 july. Vote Address: http://logiker.com/Amstrad-Voting (Vote Finished) Results: https://demozoo.org/parties/4294/ My Works for Amstrad ASCII Compo… its only 40×25 columns and 4 colours… CPCUserClub Entries with DoctorCPC cpcworld dizzy istanbul onepage peace Sile Castle monster

Amstrad CPC New Hardwares

Let’s list some newly released amstrad cpc hardware. The production of the following new equipment continues. Although there are more than one manufacturer as Amstrad CPC hardware manufacturer, 4 of them are doing quite well. Toto, Duke, John, TMTLogic Toto produce MXBoard, D-ROM, Z-MEM 1MB Ram, Playcity Sound Card Duke produce M4Wifi John produce USIFACII …