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I’m pushing keys and pluggers for amstrad cpc 464. Some of them have even reached me. Unfortunately, I damaged the existing keys while trying to clean them. this way i will have an amstrad cpc 464 computer with modified keyboard. I just need to find the like of the springs between the button and the plugger. the other problem is there is only 3d model for amstrad cpc 464 normal keys with old amstrad logo. No 3d models for other different size keys. This is the second problem I have to overcome.

cpc 464 keypad rubber missing. for this i found rubber set for cpc 464 on ebay. if i can’t get this i will use the keypad rubber set of remote controls.  then i will draw the special keys with freecad and make it much more colorful. At the moment, I have printed all the flat keys, except for the special keys, on a 3d printer. This CPC 464 with broken keycaps is the first computer I’ve ever owned. It has a very special place for him. I will do my best to bring it back to life. and this return to life will be better than your previous life.

I found rubber switch key set at istanbul. and i solve not ordinary keys problem but i used orginal keycaps for not ordinary keys.

The Amstrad CPC 464 device with the old logo and large keys does not have a membrane. instead of
There is a rubber switch. On the Amstrad CPC 464, the keys are attached with a plugger, this plastic part
performs the printing operations. I printed all flat keys and pluggers with 3D Printer.
Special keys can also be extended to various sizes of 3D model with FreeCAD. but here like space and enter
I used the original non-standard size keys. I used the esc key in light blue. special keys and
All reproduced in red, except for the copy and enter key.
In other words, amstrad cpc 464 is no longer missing key problem on this model computers, and you can produce keys in any color you want.
There is no spring and membrane in this model, so I think it can last much longer than models with membranes and springs.There is a 3D model for pluggers and keys. This model, which I downloaded from thingiverse, was a savior for Amstrad CPC. this keycaps and plugger model compatible with Amstrad/Shcneider CPC 464 (big keys model)

Project Steps… Step by Step…

Orginal Amstrad CPC 464 Rubber key. amstrad cpc 464 hasnt got membrane or springs.

I used to some orjinal plugger and keys. but i used brandnew keys and plugger. i pressed keys and plugger on 3d printer with 3d model.

this is brandnew reproduce pluggers

this is original Amstrad CPC 464 plugger.

this keys are reproduced with 3d printer by me from 3d keys model.

this keys are original. different long size but i can reproduce different size keys for Amstrad CPC 464. i can design with freecad and i can make different dimension from ordinary CPC 464 key model. but i prefered use this different size original keys.

I used 7 differen plugger. this pluggers are not original. i reproduce this pluggers. and i put this keys and plugger on keyboard metal case. after i put rubber switch key and i would montage this parts. and you can see different plugger on keyboard metal part.

and finished i made new CPC 464. this CPC 464 is important for me. because my first computer when i was 4 years old. i decided to be computer engineer. because this CPC 464 is incredible for me. and i respect this CPC 464 specially.

3D Keyboard Model: AmstradCPC464keycaps

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