Dandanator and DES mini

The Dandanator project is a structure that replaces the classical floppy disk and tape solution as a physical software distribution tool in all CPCs with a cartridge solution. You can also find the Dandanator pcb as open source. currently my favorite is the DES mini solution made by the spanish but also the Dandanator Elite solution is a different format cartridge GBA cartridge in the forum uses a physical distribution tool. both of them are actually like ROMBOX in essence, but since ROMBOX’s have a 16KB problem, these guys have solved it on every bank. so the Dandanator Elite Plus version also supports DES mini cartridges and also supports Elite cartridges, but the Elite system did not seem very professional to me. That’s why I contacted Spanish friends, developers of DES, Dandanator Entertainment System. Frankly, if you ask if Dandanator structures are necessary, it doesn’t seem very necessary! but if you ask if it is necessary to use Amstrad CPC in 2021, it doesn’t seem necessary either! In short, if you have a FAN and addiction about Amstrad CPC and sleep with Amstrad CPC, DES Mini will make you very happy.

Volkan Atasever aka DoctorCPC

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Amstrad CPC Systems with M4Wifi, USIFACII,DROM,MotherX4,Z-MEM, Playcity, RSF3 and Amiga 500 with piStorm and Commodore 64 with pi1541

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