RSF3 is Coming… (Soon)

My dear friend Hans is the person who has already produced the Symbiface series RSF3 is currently in development. New features are added every day. even SID Player support is coming for Amstrad CPC, so Amstrad CPC will be able to play SID music. I follow the daily developments of RSF3 every day. I can even support FTP developments if I find time. There’s a lot of stuff in RSF3. You can also make VOIP calls, so all Symbiface card holders can call each other over Symbos. Believe me, so many new features are being added every day that my regrets will not be enough right now. Until it comes out, I will be announcing the developments regarding RSF3, that is, the latest version symbiface card. At the same time, the Symbiface card is used entirely over SYMBOS and all its features are already coded. There are also features such as Web Radio and FM Radio. Unfortunately, the V9990 card previously developed by my dear friend Hans cannot be reproduced because it cannot find the V9990 chips at the moment. I’m sure when he finds the V9990 chips, he will produce that video card or offer a new solution. I can clearly say that the Dream Amstrad CPC system is no longer M4Wifi + Playcity + MXBoard + Zmem for me, but I have updated it to my new dream machine RSF3 + V9990. and it is certain that I will acquire RSF3. I’ll be lining up for the V9990 as well. but RSF3 itself is a crazy card. When there is Dandanator Entertainment System (DES Mini) next to it, a crazy system reaches its final point. When choosing between DES and Dandanator Elite, I definitely prefer the auamstrad group DES mini. Every point, including the whole safe, looks more professional.

Volkan Atasever aka DoctorCPC

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Amstrad CPC Systems with M4Wifi, USIFACII,DROM,MotherX4,Z-MEM, Playcity, RSF3 and Amiga 500 with piStorm and Commodore 64 with pi1541

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