CPCUserClub participated 1st Amstrad ASCII Compo

I’m Volkan Atasever aka DoctorCPC. I participated 1st Amstrad ASCII Compo. I participated with 7 entries. Its voting time until 10 july.

Vote Address: http://logiker.com/Amstrad-Voting (Vote Finished)

Results: https://demozoo.org/parties/4294/

My Works for Amstrad ASCII Compo… its only 40×25 columns and 4 colours…

CPCUserClub Entries with DoctorCPC

cpcworld dizzy istanbul onepage peace Sile Castle monster

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Amstrad CPC Systems with M4Wifi, USIFACII,DROM,MotherX4,Z-MEM, Playcity, RSF3 and Amiga 500 with piStorm and Commodore 64 with pi1541

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