Amstrad CPC New Hardwares

Let’s list some newly released amstrad cpc hardware. The production of the following new equipment continues. Although there are more than one manufacturer as Amstrad CPC hardware manufacturer, 4 of them are doing quite well.

Toto, Duke, John, TMTLogic

Toto produce MXBoard, D-ROM, Z-MEM 1MB Ram, Playcity Sound Card

Duke produce M4Wifi

John produce USIFACII

TMTLogic: RSF3 is new version of SF3

Apart from that, DES and V9990 graphics card are among the great hardware solutions.

I’m following as much as possible and getting these enhancements. The important thing is not to have more than one Amstrad CPC, but to have one Amstrad CPC and have the highest hardware.
Currently, production has been suspended for a while because there is a chip shortage in some hardware in Europe. But there are hardware that are already in stock or that there is no problem in new production. Now I will tell you how to equip Amstrad CPC with an updated hardware system. but there are two options and two options here. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. I already have one of these two options but I will likewise use the other option for my other CPC 6128.
Two options:
1-) All in one Card: RSF3 (old version of SymbifaceIII)
2-) System customized with Expansion Part replicator
In these two systems, an extra graphics card can be installed.

In the first option, RSF3 worked on an All in one card. Before this card, SymbifaceIII was on the market. Since you can do most things with this card, there is no need for extra hardware. we can call this card the new SymbifaceIII. Its features are as follows;

Cortex -M7 216 Mhz microcontroller
USB Host, Hid Mouse
USB Host , Fat32 mass storage device
CODEC AUDIO, Player/recorder
VU meassurement, stereo level indicator
CPC 464, Extern memory hack
Onboard JTAG
Power 5v, ARM temp, RTC batt meassure
SD Card, for internal system storage

The second option is to increase the Expansion Board of Amstrad CPC to 4 with MXBoard, leaving M4Wifi card, ZMEM 1MB Ram, PlayCity Sound card and an expansion board that you can use later to install. but in this case you will need to buy an extra ps2 or usb mouse adapter to use a mouse. I am using this option. but I will definitely use alternative RSF3 in my other CPC. In any case, you can install ROM. RSF3 is produced by TMTLogic.
For information about RSF3:

But are we doing all this just to stare at a blue screen? of course no. we are using multitasking SymbOS with new windows system. My ROM definitely includes SymbOS and FutureOS. The music player in Symbos currently supports the Playcity sound card. You can also perform irc or simple transactions by entering the internet. Rom card for M4Wifi is a card with SD card and Harddisk system, with which you can connect to the internet with Wifi. and you can manage via PC.
For M4Wifi information:

In addition to these, with two hardware that I am not currently acquiring, your Amstrad CPC can reach the highest level. These are the new graphics card V9990 Graphics Card and Dandanator Entertainment System for Amstrad CPC.
For information with graphics card:
To learn about Dandanator:

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Amstrad CPC Systems with M4Wifi, USIFACII,DROM,MotherX4,Z-MEM, Playcity, RSF3 and Amiga 500 with piStorm and Commodore 64 with pi1541

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