DoctorCPC was at VCC Meeting

DoctorCPC, connected live online to VCC Meeting #19 held in Kalinggraf, Austria on June 25, and told ACUC Magazine, my own CPC story and gave information about CPCUserClub. It was a 1.5 hour presentation in English.

DoctorCPC is planning new surprises. he think about CPCUserClub Meetings. he can make CPCUserClub Meeting monthly. VCC is great example for him. process is continues and coming soon (it can be at Agust 2022)

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Amstrad CPC Systems with M4Wifi, USIFACII,DROM,MotherX4,Z-MEM, Playcity, RSF3 and Amiga 500 with piStorm and Commodore 64 with pi1541

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