Amstrad PCW IO Card

The coolest hardware I’ve seen for Amstrad PCW is PCW IO. PCW IO is an open source project developed by habisoft. Amstrad PCW allows you to attach a keyboard, mouse, joystick to the computer. It was a reason for preference for me, although generally only people with PCW motherboards use it. With my newly acquired Amstrad PCW, I decided to write my articles and books on Locoscript. Locoscript is user-friendly, but unfortunately it’s impossible to type fast with the PCW 8256 keyboard. for this i decided to get PCW IO to use PS2 or USB keyboard. you will also need a mouse if you are going to get symbiface and use symbos on PCW. It also provides PCW IO mouse solution. After giving you the original habisoft link, I will also share the files here. In the future, unfortunately, sites may be deleted. For this, I will also have stored the files on this site’s server.

Original PCW IO – Habisoft Link:

Scheme, BOM, Routing Materials


Gerber file for press PCB


It provides extra features by using some unused keys on the PS/2 keyboard as follows:

Key Action
Escape PCW hardware reset
F2 Save configuration
F4 Load configuration
F6 Adjust mouse sensitivity
F8 Joystick programming mode
F12 Easter egg
Num Lock Enable/disable keyboard
Scroll lock Enable/disable mouse

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