Amstrad NC 100 and Transfer (Update)

if you are using Amstrad NC 100 you will need to transfer your data. For this, there is already a DOS-based program for data transfer. You can use this program with a serial cable that you will plug into the Amstrad NC 100 device. The Amstrad NC 100 and Amstrad NC 200 special devices are the best times the Amstrad computer department releases systems with the Z80 processor. Amstrad series is valuable to me as I am an Amstrad Fan. I own an Amstrad NC 100. I recently bought it from England.
There is a DOS-based transfer program called NC.EXE for transferring from Amstrad NC 100 to PC. You need to connect the serial cable you know to the NC 100 side and an adapter that converts the serial cable to USB on the PC side. Then you can install DOSBOX on the PC and run the NC100.EXE program, transfer the documents you have written, BBC BASIC programs and other files, and then store them. Amstrad NC 100 is the first device of this series. A4 size. The NC 150 is actually the same as the NC 100s, but in countries such as France, it has received this code. but the Amstrad NC 200 is just different because it has a 3’5″ floppy drive and can be fitted with a gotek. but bigger and heavier. I love and use Amstrad NC 100 for this. Even when I’m away from home, an Amstrad is always with me.

You can find the program at:

When you use this program with a serial cable, you can transfer files and data from NC.
Let me also leave the site address that Amstrad NC users use and meet:

I got this help from an Amstrad french friend. He shared his own solution when I said I couldn’t keep a DOS-based computer for this. It connects it to the computer with a usb converter at the end of the com port cable we know. We run the NC100.exe program from DOSBOX and we can transfer all the documents, data and BBC BASIC programs we write. It is a very simple and enjoyable method. Unfortunately it wasn’t written anywhere. Thankfully, we became friends with this friend later. The NC100.exe program is very critical. because they said you can transfer it with something like putty, but how can I get the file with putty, I haven’t tried it. If I try, I will share, but my friend who uses NC150 (same as NC100, only European name) transfers data in this way.

Let me put the DOSBOX Com port settings here. it will help. if you used com port 1, you can write com1 below code…

serial1=directserial realport:com1

NC100.EXE Transfer Programme Link:

Thanks a lot to Genesis8 for helps from CPCWiki Forum…

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