Amstrad PCW and Great Book Project

You know, I’m the author of 7 books… From now on, if I write my books with Amstrad PCW, edit them with Amiga 500, and send them via e-mail via Amiga 500, will it make an impact in the Amstrad PCW and Amiga 500 community? With the Amiga 500, I can add pictures to my articles and have them open with Word. If I do this, I can write all my books with Amstrad PCW and edit them on the Amiga 500. At the same time i can use Amstrad CPC 6128 with RSymbiface 3 for writing. Amstrad PCW can use SYMBOS…

Volkan Atasever aka DoctorCPC

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Amstrad CPC Systems with M4Wifi, USIFACII,DROM,MotherX4,Z-MEM, Playcity, RSF3 and Amiga 500 with piStorm and Commodore 64 with pi1541

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